Could You Just Kill for a Slice of Pizza Right Now?

Could You Just Kill for a Slice of Pizza Right Now?

By and large, the phrase “to die for” is a harmless expression.  Like many colloquialisms, the phrase blends humor with hyperbole to make the ridiculous claim that something in our culture might be so good that it is worth sacrificing your own life.

At best, it is a self-deprecating form of humor; at worst, it exposes the omnipresence of idolatry.  Can there literally be nothing that man will not temporarily substitute as his god?

Perhaps this question explains why this cultural adage has only grown in prevalence, particularly as we live in a culture increasingly comprised of foodies.

That pizza is to die for!

What if, however, we made a slight alteration to this common expression?

This pizza is to kill for!

Would the phrase retain the same lighthearted feel if we began to signify the worth of certain items or objects using the measuring stick of another man’s life?  Would this not imply an assumed ownership over the innate value of human life?

I do not raise these questions to conduct some sort of abstract thought experiment. 

As a society, we have values that we have collectively determined are worth killing for.  The highest among these is the avoidance of personal responsibility.  This is of such paramount importance that we have constructed an entire organization whose purpose is to disproportionately kill the offspring of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Just how much do we value the avoidance of responsibility?  Every employed member of our society actively funds this enterprise out of the fruits of his or her labor.

The organization of which I speak, of course, is Planned Parenthood.  We have placed an annual price tag of $520 million on this organization in accordance with our distorted value system.  Alleviating women from the “burden” of having to care for someone outside of themselves has become the most virtuous and compassionate of deeds to our modern culture.  Former President Obama even used the word “punishment” to summarize our disdain for the thought of carrying out parental responsibilities!

None of this objectively-presented information is currently unknown.  I am not writing this using any inflammatory language.  These are just the facts. 

Earlier this week, we were presented with some new insight into the business model of Planned Parenthood.

Like most businesses, Planned Parenthood incorporates quotas to reach its sales goals.  Since its most innovative product line happens to consist of infant body parts, executives need to pressure low-level employees to ensure that merchandise remains on the shelves. 

How does Planned Parenthood motivate its employees?  As reported by multiple outlets and directly confirmed through a new investigative video, Planned Parenthood facilities incentivize staff members to murder children simply by offering pizza parties.

Apparently, pizza has now received the coveted status of “to kill for” in our culture.

This video serves as a cultural MRI.  You see, healthcare is a merely one organ that functions within our cultural body.  This video reveals the inner workings of this cultural organ much in the same fashion that an MRI would provide information about the various structures within our own bodies.

And what are the findings of this MRI?  After watching this video, we learn how human beings can be compelled to sacrifice the unborn children of their fellow women in exchange for something as trivial as a free lunch. 

Remember, these are the types of activities transpiring underneath the umbrella of healthcare!  In 21st century America, the preservation, treatment, and management of health entails a group of individuals actively pressuring women to impulsively terminate the lives of their children during a point in their lives when they are most vulnerable. 

If this is not definitive proof that America is suffering from an advanced stage of intellectual cancer, I am not sure what is.  The fact that anyone, let alone half of the country, can dismiss the significance or the findings of this report only further confirms the diagnosis.

When a man is lying on his deathbed, do not his children earnestly provide him care and relief? 

Apparently that answer is no!  Amidst the most horrific practice in the history of human civilization, we stand naked to shamelessly reveal our spiritual impotence before the tearful eye of the Lord Almighty.

Restoring virtue and decency within our culture is not a Republican or Democrat issue.  If a nation cannot value life, it cannot value anything.

What could possibly be more worth dying for than giving little boys and girls the right to live?

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