Collegiate Lessons in Evangelism, Part I

Collegiate Lessons in Evangelism, Part I

Evangelism is the essence of Christianity.  If we are honest with ourselves, the attainment of material and personal comfort is the essence of academia. 

The university provides the broad cultural door through which college students pursue long-term economic stability in the form of a high-wage job.  If this is largely untrue, why do all defenses of the exorbitant cost of a higher education emphasize the wage gap and lifetime earnings potential of a college graduate?

But I digress. 

What if the essence of Christianity gradually became the attainment of personal comfort, while the essence of academia gradually became an unwavering commitment to evangelism?

I contend this is precisely what has happened in 21st Century America.  Our culture is in decay because the kingdom of man is courageously advancing while the Kingdom of God is shamefully retreating.

The finest example of contemporary evangelism in 2016 had nothing to do with Christianity.  As a matter of fact, the model standard of sermonizing transpired inside the halls of an esteemed Ivy League institution, an industry that is outright hostile to God. 

Viet Nguyen is the student body president of Brown University, and he is the metaphorical high-ranking general fighting to advance the interests of progressives in the culture war between humanism and Christianity.  A subset of this war features a targeted attack by non-Christians on the seemingly settled science of biology. 

At the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year, Nguyen announced that feminine hygiene products (i.e. tampons and pads) would be provided in all men’s bathrooms at Brown University, because “menstruation is experienced by more than just those who identify as women.”

Nguyen presumably embarked upon this effort to mainstream, normalize, and otherwise destigmatize transgenderism in modern America.  His bold and courageous action was all the more impressive considering the lack of any scientific account in which an individual possessing a male sex organ has ever menstruated. 

Since no such evidence exists, the man of reason can only conclude this to be an act of religious faith.  Nguyen hoped the action would “motivate other universities and student governments to take similar actions to address this issue of equity.”  


The finest contemporary display of evangelism had nothing to do with Christianity. #FakeScience equipped men with tampons. #AbbottSpeaks

Crusading through the culture to preach a zealous message of faith in hopes of converting the hearts of men is the very definition of evangelism.  Take a moment to reread Nguyen’s earlier comments.  He confirms the evangelistic of his initiative with the words on his lips!  In less than one month, his courage and conviction spawned missionary work from other sanctuaries of secular thought.  Both Cornell University and New York University have since taken steps to infuse this new secular church doctrine into the men’s restrooms of their respective campuses.

Now wait just a minute, you may be thinking.  What do you mean “secular church doctrine?”

By approving the proposal to place feminine hygiene products in all of its public men’s bathrooms, Brown University management unwittingly endorsed the full integration of church and state.  Without fully processing the broader meaning of its actions, the university just tailored an administrative policy on an idea wholly grounded in faith and evangelism, as opposed to empirical data or science.  Surely the leaders of an institution of such intellectual prowess can make this most rudimentary connection. 

This episode is just one example highlighting how secular fundamentalism is every bit as much a religion as Christianity.  Unlike Christianity, however, its discipleship efforts and penetrating influence throughout the culture is powerful.  For example, could the courts have overhauled traditional marriage without the missionary work of secular church disciples?  Highly unlikely. 

Having won the marriage battle, secular missionaries have now chosen to strengthen their humanist worldview by permeating the culture with a gender-bending narrative to repel the influence of traditional Christianity.

In order to repel the forces of humanism, the finest example of evangelism in 2017 must come from within the evangelical Christian community.  If humanism conquers the cultural territory of gender in the coming year, what cultural ground will we have left to preserve?

YOU can help support courageous voices dedicated to advancing a Biblical worldview throughout our depraved culture, and it won’t even cost you a thing.  Follow Michael Abbott, Jr. on Twitter @AbbottSpeaks or send him a direct message using the “Contact” tab on this website.

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